Crafty things.

More crafts can be found on my Made with Kare Facebook page.

I'm willing to create almost anything! Just give me a shout and let's see what we can make. Currently, I'm working on Christmas presents and finishing up a baby doll crib for my boyfriend's daughter. She wants butterflies painted on it, so I'm going to give it a shot. I'm also working up a few surprises for her and trying to make some more Christmas-themed stuff. Shew!

Luna, sporting her sweater. Looks
sharp, doesn't she?
Of course, with dogs, I like to try my hand at dog-related items. I've made some toys, but also a few
dog sweaters. Mock if you will, but Luna seems to love hers, since she can get by with snow-rolling for a smidge longer before she gets super wet.

If you peruse my albums, you'll see yarn is my tool of choice, in which I've crafted penguins, giraffes, rabbits and am currently working on egg aprons.

When I say I'm adventurous, I've even made a windchime using old keys!

Mostly, I just love to create, no matter what medium. It's very relaxing and very satisfying to see your idea come to life! Give it a try some time. :)

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